Our Mission

We are an active community working to empower young adult women facing mental illness, loss, abuse, eating disorders, assault, and other taboo topics; to support those who believe they are alone in these battles through financial assistance and engaging presentations; and to educate all individuals in leading the movement of breaking down stigmas and educating others around them nationwide. 

Our Vision

Stand Up For Your Sister establishes a strong foundation that will provide emotional and financial support to the women we serve for years to come. Our hope for this movement is to have Stand Up For Your Sister scholarship funds and leadership teams on every college campus in America.

To accomplish this vision and mission, we present an engaging workshop to sorority chapters, athletic teams, and residence halls that help raise awareness for the struggles amongst their own peers.

No one is useless in this world that lightens the burdens of another.
— Charles Dickens

"I think vulnerability breeds so much power and strength and I truly could see this unfolding at our SUFYS presentation. Being able to see my friends stand up and share what’s going on in their lives inspired me to not only share my story but also to just be more aware of the people around me.”

- Riley G.

Hear riley's full story and the testimonies of countless other women standing up as sisters.


Wondering who is behind all of this? 

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