Ellie Simon

CO-Director of KU leadership team

University of Kansas

My name is Ellie and I get to be one of the co-directors of the leadership team at the University of Kansas. I am currently a sophomore in Chi Omega here at KU majoring in psychology and health and exercise science. I chose Stand Up For Your Sister because I hadn’t really been involved at KU a ton and was waiting for the perfect fit where I could put all my energy and love into. SUFYS is exactly that - an organization I am passionate about. Helping to empower, support, and educate women on mental health is what I want to do professionally and I was so lucky when I found Staci and SUFYS and got the chance to bring it to KU!


Kali boydston

co-director of Ku leadership team

University of Kansas  

Hi! My name is Kali and I am a junior at the University of Kansas in Delta Delta Delta. I am majoring in Spanish and Psychology with minors and certificates in Global Studies, Research Extension, and Healthcare Administration. I am currently serving as assistant co-director of Stand Up For Your Sister at KU. I got involved because it aligned perfectly with my personal values and I knew I had to bring this to KU. I suffer from a slew of mental disorders including Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety, Major Depression, PTSD, along with battling neurological issues as well. I’ve been a mental health blogger for about a year now because I struggled for 20 years with finding my voice and purpose, but I know I was put on Earth to speak my truth and empower other women to own theirs as well. SUFYS has shaped me into the woman I am today, and I can’t thank this organization enough for the support they’ve given me and the wonderful, passionate women I have met.


McKenna Martin

Recruitment team captain

University of Kansas

Hi! My name is McKenna, I’m a Delta Delta Delta senior at the University of Kansas. I get to be the recruitment team leader on the University of Kansas’s campus! The reason I joined Stand Up For Your Sister is because I have struggled with my own mental health before and it is something that is very important to me. This organization allows young women to not only spread awareness about mental health, but offers a safe place for them to talk about the things that could be negatively impacting them.

hallie wilhelm


University of Kansas

Hello my name is Hallie Wilhelm and I am on the campus connections and outreach team captain! I am a sophomore in Chi Omega at the University of Kansas and Stand Up For Your Sister is really close to my heart. I have struggled with ADHD for most of my life. I tried to get it under control when I was a freshmen in high school but it all went downhill from there. Then during my first semester of sophomore year SUFYS came and spoke at my chapter and my whole world changed. I got the courage to up and share my story with my sisters and they were all there for me and encouraged me to seek help. I have now seen help and I am doing so much better than I ever thought I could. I look forward to helping other women get help for the things they might be afraid of. I am also looking forward to watching this organization grow and watching lives be changed because of it. I hope SUFYS grows bigger than we ever imagined it could and reach universities across the nation.

MAndy snodgrass


University of Kansas

Hi friends! My name is Mandy and I'm at KU studying global studies, political science, and Russian! I love disability ministry, late night ice cream runs, martial arts, spontaneous road trips, horseback riding, and working with Stand Up For Your Sister. SUFYS visiting my chapter changed the way I love the women in my chapter and the way we all see and love each other. The battles we all fight are temporary, and SUFYS has shown me that I - and every other woman out there - have the strength and capabilities to speak over those scars, fears, and shame. There is such a need for conversation surrounding the issues SUFYS addresses and I'm so excited to be part of this world-changing organization!


MArin brown


University of Kansas

Hi! My name is Marin Brown and I am a sophomore at the University of Kansas and a member of Delta Delta Delta. I am a marketing major with a minor in strategic communications. This lends itself to me being the team captain for social media for Stand Up For Your Sister. When I was 5 years old I was diagnosed with OCD, though the help of my family and wonderful professionals I had been able to live and thrive in a normal life. SUFYS has let me use my social media muscle while working with a non-profit that I love. I love SUFYS because it gives women a space to come forward about issues that plague all of us. It equips us with the ability to know we are not alone in our struggles. In the future I hope to see SUFYS spread to campuses all across the country. This is a program I think all sorority women should experience. I would also love to see a development in ho we follow up with women after the training. Making this continuing education and improvement in the lives of women.


Kyra larson


University of Kansas

Hi! My name is Kyra Larson and I am the traveling team captain of the KU chapter of Stand Up For Your Sister. I am a sophomore at KU and I’m a member of Delta Delta Delta. I’m so happy to be apart of SUFYS because it has taught me so much about myself and others. I have always struggled with and been embarrassed of my anxiety, but this program has allowed me to stop my shame and given me opportunities to help those who are struggling like I have. I am so hopeful that SUFYS will spread across the country, but in the mean time I can’t wait to see how it grows at the University of Kansas!