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Staci Gann. Founder.   Hi! My name is Staci Gann and I'm a senior at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. I began presenting Stand Up For Your Sister in my residence hall, where I am a resident assistant on campus. A fellow RA and I were discussing how prevalent mental illness, eating disorders, and dating violence are on our college campus and decided that we could no longer sit idly by and allow these things to happen and for people to suffer in silence. After losing two friends to suicide in less than a year, I knew that I needed to do something. For some reason these topics were taboo, there was a stigma associated with these struggles, and that stigma needs to be tore down and remade into empowerment, education, and love. And so, Stand Up For Sister was born in a residence hall lobby among 50 college freshman women.  Education and empowerment are such powerful tools, especially for college students and young women. They thirst to make an impact in the lives of the people around them, and through this presentation they can be equipped to do just that. We hope that Stand Up For Your Sister will move beyond the borders of Kansas and reach the most confident and the most broken women at each corner of our nation. Join the fight, and stand up with us to help break stigmas and lies associated with struggles our women are facing on the college campus, in the workplace, in greek organizations, athletic teams, residence halls, and high schoolers as they begin to transition into a new stage of life.

Staci Gann

Founder and executive director 

Hi! My name is Staci Gann and I am the founder and executive director of SUFYS. While I am originally from Liberty, Missouri, I completed my undergraduate degree in Family Studies and Human Services with a minor of Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies at Kansas State University in 2018 and I’m currently in a graduate program to obtain my master’s of counseling by 2020. I began Stand Up For Your Sister in 2015 when I was a residence assistant in a all female hall on my campus. A fellow RA and I were discussing how so many issues were prevalent on our floor, but weren’t being discussed due to shame and embarrassment. We decided that there was no time to sit idly by when we had the influence and ability to start a conversation. After losing two friends to suicide in less than a year, I knew something needed to be done. SUFYS was created to tear down stigmas and shame and to replace fear with empowerment, support and love. Since the first presentation to 50 college women in 2015, I’ve had the privilege to present to thousands of sorority women, athletes, and groups of women on and off the college campus all around the US. This presentation has become a household name on many campuses and it is a joy to lead our leadership teams and presentations. I have a passion for public speaking, engaging people in tough conversations, and unifying groups to support one another both on the mountain tops and in the valleys.


Gabby coleman

apparel and marketing team captain

Kansas State University

Hi! My name is Gabby Coleman and I am the captain of the apparel and marketing team for Stand Up For Your Sister. I am 21 years old, a 5th year in architecture, and am from Madison, Alabama. I joined Stand Up For Your Sister to make an impact in the communities I am involved in which includes having the privilege of impacting people as an Residential Assistant. I first met Staci my first serving as an RA, and I was inspired by how intentionally she served the women in our campus living communities through these conversations. Mental health is extremely important to me and I want to encourage those that I lead to listen to their bodies and reach out for help. I love that SUFYS has given me an incredible opportunity to blend together my passion for creating and my love for people.

Janelle Feldmann. Director of "Whatever Needs to Get Done."   Hi friends! My name is Janelle Feldmann and I joined Stand Up for Your Sister in January 2017. I am absurdly stoked to be a part of this movement of authenticity and love. In a world of highlight reels, we desire to know the behind the scenes of life. We do not want a polished façade of smiles; we prefer to know and care for the real you, with absolutely everything that entails. I believe in the crazy power of everyday kindness and a life of authenticity. We are all constantly bombarded with images of how our lives are “supposed to look.” Please join our team as we work to demolish this lie. We are inspired by you because of your courageous vulnerability, experienced wisdom, and perpetual acceptance. Because of you, we are incredibly motivated and excited to expand Stand Up for Your Sister beyond state lines to empower, support, and educate women everywhere. I hope you join us in committing to a life of truth no matter how ugly, love no matter how beaten, and inclusivity in celebrating differences.
Meghan McCluskey. Ministry Team Leader.   Hi there!! My name is Meghan McCluskey, and I am delightedly humbled to be serving with an organization that recognizes the healing power of authentic love, poured out unashamedly in the most broken areas of life. I have found time to be a most precious gift, and loving others, I believe, is where we are called to spend it. Doing so in order that everyone, in their time, might come to experience the liberating joy of finding strength in genuine community. With so many people suffering from a mental illness, love comes in the form of our undying fight for the day when depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and a plethora other hindrances are not found in one in five U.S. adults. I am thrilled to see the power of truth, of vulnerability, and of abundant love played out in the lives of our friends and family that have for far too long been bounded by the false stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

Abbey heller

marketing and donations team captain

Kansas State University

Hi! My name is Abbey Heller and I’m a sophomore at Kansas State University. I’m majoring in elementary education with an area concentration in Spanish. I feel so blessed to be a part of Stand Up For Your Sister. SUFYS is such a powerful organization and has truly made an impact in so many lives. This non-profit provides such a comfortable, welcoming and open environment for all. It helps so many to realize that hey are loved, supported, and most importantly, no matter what anyone is going through, this organization helps people to learn that they are not alone. I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things that SUFYS accomplishes. Let’s break this stigma!

Maggie Sheahan. Photography Team Leader.   Hello! My name is Maggie Sheahan and I'm one of the photography leaders! Being involved in SUFYS means more to me than anyone will ever know. Personally experiencing and knowing others that have struggled in college has made me realize that I want to be able to reach out and help others discover themselves and provide resources for those who need them. Using photography to spread and show other college students that they aren't alone is the ultimate highlight of my role and I'm so excited to see the impact SUFYS will have on students across the nation! I can't wait to see the change that this program will bring and how far it will go in the future! Just remember to love!

juliane francia

marketing and donations Team Captain

Kansas State University

Hi! My name is Juliane and I am the co-leader for the Marketing and Donation Management Team. I am 22 years old from Lenexa, KS, and majoring industrial engineering. I joined Stand Up For Your Sister because the impact it had on myself and my friends was nothing short of amazing. I participated in the first ever Stand Up For Your Sister presentation in Ford Hall and from then on I was fully committed. I wanted to be a part of a movement that brings light to issues that so many women face, help end stigmas related to those issues, and uplift women who are affected by them. During my time on the leadership team, I have watched this organization grow to something none of us ever expected. The women on the Stand Up For Your Sister team are dedicated to making a positive change in the community and advocating for our mission. This organization has grown immensely in the last three years and it has been an honor to be a part of it.




Kansas State University

Hi! My name is Erin Winterscheid and I am a junior in advertising from Paola, KS. I joined Stand Up For Your Sister because I have seen how my friends and others around me have been effected by the organization and how much it has helped them in college and in their day to day lives. I have seen Stand Up For Your Sister grow in many ways over my past three years at K-State. We have grown far from reaching a few chapters at KSU to having given a presentation at almost every chapter at almost every chapter at K-State and even across the nation. I hope to see Stand Up For Your Sister grow into every college campus in America and be a main source of support for every women who needs support! I think this is truly an amazing organization that will continue to grow in the years to come!


mclain hymer

outreach team captain

Kansas State University

Hi! My name is McLain Hymer, and I am honored to serve as an Outreach Team Captain for Stand Up For Your Sister. I am from Overland Park, KS and currently finishing up my last semester at Kansas State University, with the hopes of becoming a high school counselor in the future. SUFYS presented to my sorority for the first time during my junior year of college, and at the time I had no idea how much of an impact this organization would have on me and the women surrounding me. The presentation allowed us to recognize the ways in which shame, guilt, and stigma surround society’s current perspective on mental illness, causing those who are struggling to remain silent and isolated in their experiences. I joined SUFYS because I wanted to be a part of an organization that is actively working to breakdown these stigmas, and give women a space where they can feel empowered, loved, and safe throughout their struggles and triumphs. Serving on the outreach team has given me the unique opportunity to reach out to organizations on campuses across the nation as we work to spread SUFYS to as many women as possible. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for the organization!


Taylor Sheffields   Hi ya'll! My name is Taylor Sheffield and I am beyond excited to be a part of Stand Up For Your Sister this upcoming school year. As I took Exit 177 towards Kansas State University for the first time ever, I never could've dreamt the lifelong impact this place I have the joy of calling home would have on me. When I first heard the Stand Up For Your Sister presentation in my sorority's chapter, I bawled as I was finally able to fully realize the power of a tight-knit community of strong women on a college campus. Stand Up for Your Sister has the ability to move mountains one day at a time as we support women who face abuse, mental illness, loss, and other struggles. It is my pleasure to be apart of an organization bigger than myself that works to encourage and empower young women nationwide simply by standing up for those we call "sister."

Maggie sheahan

photography team captain

Kansas State University

Hi there! My name is Maggie Sheahan and I am so excited to be a team captain for Stand Up For Your Sister for the third year in a row! I have been the photography team captain since 2017 when SUFYS was founded. I am a senior at Kansas State University from Kansas City studying fine arts with a concentration in Photography and Printmaking with a minor in Journalism and Communications. Being a part of SUFYS has shown me the many perspectives of helping others through personal experiences and growth. This organization has already broadened so many intentions and ways of communicating and relating to others going through life. I hope all women can feel as unique and empowered through this program as I am. Some fun facts about me include working at Wayside Waifs Animal Shelter in Kansas City and I am currently a free lance printmaker/photographer hoping to attend grad school after Kansas State!



Kansas State University


Hi! My name is Mallory Martin and I’m from good ole Shawnee, KS. I’m a senior (almost done!) at Kansas State University and studying Human Development and Family Science with a minor in Conflict Analysis and Trauma Studies. I also have the pleasure of serving as one of SUFYS’s spring interns, and one of the Social Media team captains! Watching this organization grow, and continue to make such a great impact has been one of my greatest college experiences. Staci, the Executive Director, first presented this workshop to my freshmen year floor when she was our resident assistant. Since then, I’ve gotten to witness first-hand what kind of monumental impact this organization can provide. I became passionate about taboo topics surrounding mental health such as suicide, depression, anxiety, etc. after seeing how it has impacted my loved ones and the community around me. I’ve seen laughter and tears alike, but it’s impossible to put into words how grateful I am to be a part of this mission.  




Kansas State University

Hello! My name is Emma Ramey and I am the team captain of the traveling team! Along with that position, I also have the amazing opportunity to be one of the interns for Stand Up For Your Sister this spring! I am a senior at Kansas State University majoring in Human Development and Family Science. My dream one day is to be an elementary teacher, but the future is scary and I don’t want to grow up so we will see. This organization has changed lives in my own chapter and I am humbled to get to be a part of something so extraordinary. I met Staci my freshmen year of college and jumped on board the first chance I got to serve on this team. To have an organization focused on giving women the freedom to speak up about their personal struggles is so special and needed in our world today. Life is hard but walking through life with amazing women make it that much better and this organization emphasizes that. Let’s embrace our brokenness together!