Real life stories from real life women struggling and overcoming.


Hope F.

Gamma Phi Beta at Kansas State University

Coming into college, I was very insecure. I thought that I had everything figured out, however, I was completely and utterly lost. I joined a sorority and became very involved, however, I still felt empty and alone. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder my freshman year of college and was hospitalized during that following summer. The road to recovery has been hard and long. It seems at times as though I am fighting this internal battle alone. When I heard Staci speak at a chapter program, I realized that there were other women who were struggling, just like me. I immediately felt a sense of compassion and support from my fellow sisters. I realized that I was not alone in this fight. There are women who love me dearly and can relate to me on a deeper level. Stand Up For Your Sister has greatly improved my time at Kansas State. I have found a group of women whom I can trust and rely on. I have found my support system. I have found my home. 

Samantha W.

Chi Omega at Kansas State University

Stand up for my sister has made a huge impact my life. As a freshman, I was going through a weird time trying to adjust to college when I was introduced to this program. I realized that every person has their own battle, and that I should not feel alone dealing with issues in my life. Stand up for your sister brought me closer to the women I was surrounded by and living with everyday. The program completely changed the feeling of the floor in the residence hall I lived in. Everyone seemed there for each other, without having to say anything. We all seemed connected after experiencing this program together. It has made me a more compassionate and understanding person. After going through this, people were there for me during a heavy time in my life. I am thankful everyday for this program.

Olivia M.

Gamma Phi Beta at Kansas State University

When I filled out the form, and checked off boxes I remember thinking about how, as a culture, we don’t really talk about those issues. About trouble with mental health, difficulty with finances, unfaithfulness within relationships – those topics all seemed like private issues that you are supposed to deal with alone. When I received back a slip of paper, and boxes were checked off that I had not expected, I instantly empathized for this sister, this anonymous woman who I was connected to through a lifelong organization. I felt as though she trusted me with her secrets, with sensitive information about her. As I stood for her in the room, sometimes standing with over half the chapter, other times standing with only a few, I felt as though I was silently supporting her. Silently and through action giving her a voice and encouraging her that she didn’t have to face those things alone. That I was with her. I was standing up for her when she thought no one would. It was extremely impactful, and through the tears of many and the rushed confessions of the heart during that chapter, I felt as though we had gotten at the core of what sisterhood was. Inspiring the highest type of womanhood through vulnerability and truth.